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Good Government Group

Be a part of the Good Government Group

Be Informed. Get Involved. Have A Voice.


What is Good Government Group?

  • The Good Government Group (GGG) is a grassroots employee organization, made up of staff throughout the facility. It provides a unique way for all staff to become informed, involved and politically active.
  • The GGG is an opportunity to become more informed about state and local political issues affecting our profession and our lives. It is a way to become politically involved. It is a way to have a voice in government policy making and decisions.
  • The GGG is nonpartisan. Anyone can join regardless of party affiliation.

What does Good Government Group Do?

  • The GGG meets on a periodic basis of their choosing. The type of meeting varies from business, meals, informational and candidate or elected official visits. Meetings are held to a time maximum so as not to interfere with work schedules.
  • The GGG can monitor, in conjunction with their state contact, local political races and issues. Information forums can be held as needed to become informed about candidates and issues.
  • GGG members can get involved in Calls-to-Action by emailing, calling or writing to elected officials about the issues that are important to them, their facility and HCA.
  • The GGG will work with candidates who support the best interests of healthcare, the hospital industry, and the patients we serve.

How do you join the Good Government Group?

Log-on to: www.goodgovernmentgroup.org

Complete our Easy Registration Form (PDF - 271KB)

Check with our facility’s GGG Chair:
Felicia Underwood
Phone: 727-328-6245 Fax: 727-328-6159
e-mail: felicia.underwood@hcahealthcare.com