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Medication “Brown Bag” Check-up

Bring all medications (including Rx, over the counter, herbal products) for an informative review by Kristie J. Wallace, RPh, PharmD. Dr. Wallace will discuss potential problems when more than one doctor is prescribing medications.

Appointments will be offered every fourth Wednesday between 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Reservations are required.  Call 1-888-243-3627.


Free Stroke Risk Assessments & Cholesterol Screenings

Your relatives’ health has a big impact on your health. A family history of high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, heart disease or stroke increases your risk of stroke. Time Lost is Brain Lost. Make sure your family can recognize stroke and act quickly!

Appointments are required. Fasting for 8 hours before appointment is required and blood will be drawn.

Call 1-888-243-3627 for reservations.


A Step Ahead for Amputees

logoA Step Ahead for Amputees is a comprehensive holistic program and action group designed to promote independence for amputees and those facing limb loss. The mission of A Step Ahead for Amputees is to provide the amputee with the opportunity to continue their life in an active, dynamic and positive manner, moving forward to do the things they did before amputation. Live life with attitude!

Participation is open to all amputees, those facing limb loss and their families. There is no cost to join or participate. Participants plan their own action-oriented activities. For a list of upcoming events, please call 1-888-243-3627. For more information about the group, contact the Support Group Coordinator at (727) 564-8456.